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Personal Financial Planning

We can provide you with a comprehensive financial plan or targeted guidance for wealth management, risk management or retirement. 

We’ll help you determine your short and long-term financial goals and create a balanced plan to achieve those goals. We start with our discovery process—not an impersonal online questionnaire but a sit-down, face to face conversation.

We’ll determine where you are today, then discuss your vision for the future. What is your desired lifestyle, and how will you want to spend the rest of your active life? We assess the gap between where you currently are and where you would like to be. We provide solutions to fill the gap with appropriate financial tools and strategies. These, in aggregate, form your financial plan. Along the way, we will take every opportunity to teach you more about personal finance, and to put you in control. We might even talk a little about sports or the kids. Because the whole point is to understand who you are and what matters to you. 

Our comprehensive financial plan will address

  • Financial Position

  • Protection Planning

  • Investment Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Tax Management

  • Estate Planning


Help getting ready for the rest of your life with sound strategies.

Both wealth building and financial protection are crucial to successful retirement planning. And both are key to our process. This enables us to provide individuals and families with a simple, easy to understand, powerful process that maximizes the use of their money for wealth building and protection.

When you fully understand your options, you feel better about your choices. That’s why as we take you through the critical steps of efficient planning, and why our process is educational in nature. Our philosophy is to educate our clients on the available strategies and alternatives and allow them to make their own sound financial decisions. Then we provide the financial products and services necessary to implement those chosen strategies.

From wealth building to protection, we take a "begin with the end in mind" approach. This is the basis for smart, effective, and efficient planning. 


There are more routes to your wealth management goals than ever before. We’ll be your GPS.

In wealth management, as in retirement planning, knowledge is power. But having that power can be tough when you’re trying to navigate the increasingly complex investments that are available in today’s growing financial market. Those options include everything from relatively straightforward investment types (securities) such as stocks, bonds, and short-term/cash-equivalent investments, to complex portfolios that combine these investment types within various products, such as mutual funds, annuities and variable life insurance policies. We’ll help you choose the shortest possible route with the fewest possible delays.

What you need your wealth to do for you? Your goals and needs should help drive your wealth management choices. Many investment products are better suited to specific needs, such as retirement and estate planning, education financing and funding purchases of all sizes. We can help select appropriate investment products based on your goal for the investment, individual profile (comfort with risk, length of time to invest) and a product’s fees and tax considerations (some investment products have built-in tax advantages).

Investing is also about taking steps to protect your financial future. You also need a plan that addresses specific short-term and long-term goals and that can be maintained and adjusted, as appropriate. If you don’t have expertise in financial products and planning, we can help you make educated decisions and develop a plan.

Our Wealth Management service provides:

  • Asset Allocation

  • Capital Preservation

  • Costs Matter

  • Minimize Taxes

  • Reviews


Identifying risk is the first step in minimizing it.

Risk management, in the context of financial planning, comes in many forms. We have years of experience helping individuals and families identify, assess, and prioritize their risks. One thing we’ve learned is that tolerance for risk varies considerably from person to person. Once we understand how you would like to approach your risk management program, we work with you hand-in-hand to find quality solutions from highly-rated, reputable insurers.

We can help you manage risk with all these financial products:

  • Disability Income Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Fixed Annuities

  • Income Annuities

    Financial products such as life insurance and annuities have become increasingly complex during the past decade. By sitting down with you and covering both the benefits and constraints of these products, we’ll help you understand if and when they’re appropriate for you.